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SEANC is the China leader in custom, Rapid CNC machining services for prototyping and production metal parts or Plastic

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From CNC machining to sheet metal fabrication, laser cutting, wire EDM machining and more.Not only do we provide initial parts manufacturing, but we also offer a wide variety of surface finishing services, as well as parts assembly.
Our facility meets the highest international standards for excellence, and we use only the most modern, advanced machining equipment to provide you with better results at a reasonable cost

We also have experienced and skilled technicians, a certified QA/QC team and the fastest service in China

We offer a wide variety of manufacturing services include the following

CNC Turning

CNC turning is used for bar or cylinder-shaped components. A metal or plastic workpiece is loaded onto a locking chuck. Then, a computer-guided cutter is used to remove material from the workpiece as the chuck rotates at a high speed. This cuts the workpiece into the proper shape and size.

CNC Milling

The workpiece is loaded into a special chuck in the center of the machine.a cutter that moves on the vertical and horizontal plan will move around the workpiece, cutting it into shape. 5-axis CNC milling machines can rotate on both axes, enhancing efficiency. The CNC computer will cut the workpiece into the desired shape automatically.

Aluminum CNC Machining

It uses an electrode wire to cut metals with extremely high precision. Rather than physically contacting the metal, it uses an electric current that blasts away material without actually touching the workpiece. This minimizes damage and thermal warping, as well as improper edges and metal burrs. It can be used to achieve tolerances as low as f ± 0.0001”.

Surface Finishing Services

similar to traditional grinding. However, instead of the workpiece being ground manually, a computerized grinding wheel is used to remove material. This may be used to reshape the workpiece, or simply to polish and deburr the workpiece, and remove imperfections.

Metal CNC Machining

Laser cutting uses a powerful laser to cut through metals like steel, aluminum, titanium and other such metals. The laser burns away the metal material, allowing the sheet of metal to be trimmed. It is also used to create slots, holes, and other required geometries in the workpiece.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication involves cutting sheet metal, then bending it using a press to create the desired component. Compared to CNC machining, it is often a cheaper option to build components that have a uniform wall thickness.
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Rapid CNC Prototyping & Machining

We specialize in rapid CNC prototyping and machining at SEANC. If you need to build a prototype metal or plastic part to create a physical model based on a 3D design idea, as a stepping stone before full-scale production, or for engineering production, CNC machining is an ideal choice.
With CNC machining, you can quickly build a prototype without investing in hard tooling – and with turnaround times of just a few days, SEANC can provide you with the prototype parts and products you need quickly, and at a reasonable price.

Low-Volume Production & Manufacturing 100,000+ Parts

We specialize in low-volume production and manufacturing. This specialized service allows you to build full production-quality parts at volumes of up to 100,000+ parts or more.
With low-volume production and manufacturing, you can create a bridge between initial prototyping and full-scale production. This allows you to bring your products to market more quickly, reduces lead times, and allows you to respond more quickly to short product life cycles.
Beyond our CNC prototyping and low-volume production, we also offer full-scale production services for international clients. No matter which service you choose, we deliver around the globe!
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5 Axis CNC Machining

5-axis CNC machines have a number of benefits including enhanced efficiency, lower production costs and faster turnaround times. This is because, unlike 3-axis machines, there is no need to manually rotate workpieces.

3-axis machines move horizontally (X and Y axes) and vertically (Z axis). 5-axis machines move on the same axes, but also introduce two rotary axes (A and B) to rotate the component in place. This allows the part to be cut in almost any direction.

Fixtures & Jigs Machining

We don’t just manufacture parts, components and finished products, but also fixtures and Jigs machining for manufacturing companies. Learn more about these services below.

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CNC Machining Quality Assurance

We take our QA/QC process very seriously at SEANC. We wish to provide our clients with the highest possible quality components and products, and our painstaking QA/QC process ensures that your parts meet all of your engineering specifications.
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Why Choose SEANC For Your CNC Services

Why choose SEANC as your precision CNC machining and metal fabrication partner? Here are just a few reasons why we’re a cut above the competition.

Comprehensive, all-in-one services

We offer machining solution and surface finishing in a single facility. This helps minimize logistical difficulties, and saves you both time and money

Highest standards of quality

We meet relevant ISO requirements for quality and process control,and our safe, advanced facility is staffed by experienced technicians to ensure the best possible results

Scalable for projects of any size

We offer rapid prototyping for small-batch orders, low-volume production and manufacturing for batches of 100,000+ components, and full-scale manufacturing – no project is too big or too small.

Rapid turnaround times available

SEANC offers rush service for select projects, such as urgent prototyping jobs. We can build and send your prototype components anywhere in the world in just a few days.

Advanced, specialized equipment

We use only the most advanced CNC equipment. Not only does this ensure you get the best possible results, but our focus on automation and efficiency means you save money

Experienced and skilled engineers

50+ engineers and desingers, the most specialized and highly-skilled. You can trust our staff to handle your project

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What Is CNC Machining?

CNC is basically an advanced machining process that uses a set of pre-programmed computer software that causes the movement of machinery and tools. This process can be used to dictate the movement of several complicated machineries such as mills, grinders, lathes and routers. CNC machining makes the 3D cutting task a cakewalk, super quick, accurate and easy
In general, CNC is an acronym for “Computer Numerical Control”. This means computer programs are responsible for carrying out all the complex machining functions instead of humans. It overcomes all the limitations caused by manual control, where operators need to guide and control the machines via switches, wheels and buttons

How Does CNC Machining Work?

CNC machining works much like a robot. When this machining system is activated, the desired functions are programmed into the software which in turn dictate the entire working of machinery and tools to carry out different tasks such as cutting, milling, grinding, routing etc

Benefits of Custom CNC Machining Services

CNC machining serves numerous advantages, here are some of them :
It offers high accuracy and consistent quality of service. It is a hundred times more precise than manual machining. The best part is, it can be repeated over and over again without creating affecting the accuracy and product quality
Because the machines don’t require any break and don’t get tired of repeating the same process over and over again, CNC Machining is more efficient as compared to manual machining.
CNC machining is comparatively cost-effective. This is because they don’t need several operators for controlling and guiding the machines. Only one skilled professional is enough to handle multiple machines at one time.

What Is The Difference between CNC Milling And CNC Lathe?

CNC Lathe

CNC lathe is also known as turning. In this process, the workpiece rotates about its axis while the tools stay at their place. This is the reason why it is known as “turning”. CNC lathe or turning is mainly used for manufacturing the cylindrical parts. This process involves operations such as threading, drilling, boring, parting, grooving etc. A lathe machine is the best option if you’re looking for manufacturing quick, accurate and repeatable cylindrical items.

CNC Milling

Milling is just the opposite of turning. In this process, the workpiece is kept stationary while the tools rotate about their axes. This enables the milling tools to reach all the parts of the workpiece from different directions. This is more suitable for the complex items that need very fine detailing. If you’re looking for manufacturing intricate designs and detailed items, CNC milling is what you should go for.

CNC Machining Vs Injection Molding

CNC Machining

CNC machining involves removing the material layers of the desired material, one at a time. This process works in a similar fashion for a number of materials and offers very few limitations. Because it is fully computer-controlled, it reduces the chance of errors and material wastage.

Injection Molding

As the name suggests, this process involves injecting the material into the desired mold. This is usually done by melting a material and then injecting it into a mold at high pressure. The item is then allowed to cool inside a mold and then removed.
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Why Use CNC Machining China For Your Parts?

There are many reasons to use CNC machining for your parts. First, it is highly accurate and error-free machining that speeds up your production process while also cutting down the cost. It can work for both plastic and metal materials and that too in a very less amount of time. With CNC machining, you can save both time and money.

How To Get An CNC Precision Machining Parts Online Quote

Getting an online CNC quote is one of the easiest things to do these days, all thanks to the technology. It is a simple and quick process. we are now working on a online quote system.
All you need to do is, upload your 3D models on our CNC quoting platform, The platform is very user-friendly and simple to work with. will release soon.
Moreover, you can send your designs via emails for determining the quotes.